Happy New Year!

I haven’t blogged in a bit, and today is busy so this will be quick.

What are you focusing on this year?

I would like to work on my health and my fitness- both in a physical and spiritual sense.

And to regain control of my kingdom (by way of de-cluttering). And also to write MORE.

To those ends, I am going to try to share some links I have found helpful.

Add “Writing Tip of the Day” 
to Your Website
Daily “Writing Tip of the Day” is designed to encourage writers. Each day a new tip is automatically changed. Now anyone can add this tool to their own website or blog.


No book or magazine article is for “everyone” so know your audience then target them with your writing. 


Add this to your site

<table width=”162″ border=”1″ cellpadding=”4″ cellspacing=”0″  bordercolor=”#000000″ bordercolorlight=”#ffffff” bordercolordark=”#000000″  bgcolor=”#F3B64B”>
<td width=”160″><p align=”center”><a  href=”http://www.right-writing.com/ways.html”  target=”_blank”><img src=”http://bookproposals.homestead.com/WritingTipWhalin2.jpg&#8221; width=”148″ height=”54″  border=”0″></a><br>
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=”JavaScript” SRC=”http://bookproposals.homestead.com/WritingTips.js”></SCRIPT&gt;    
<br>   <span ></span> </p>
<a href=”http://bookproposals.homestead.com/Addwritingtip.html”><font size=”1″ color=”000000″ ><em>Add this to your site</em></font></a> </em></font></center></td> </tr></table></center>
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