A Confession:

10 Sundays ago, we said “Good-bye” to OUR church.  If you live in my area and asked for a recommendation of a good church,                                I would suggest you attend where we left.  The preaching is good,                                             the Bible is taught, and the people are great.

That’s the backdrop of where I am. For the last 9 weeks, I have been drifting.                          Looking back on the last 9 weeks, I should have at least 2-4 hours more of                              family/home time every Wednesday afternoon. (Time I would have spent                              preparing to teach on Wed. night.)  I should have hours of free time on Sunday                      (we usually attend Sunday morning, have choir practice Sunday afternoon,               followed by the evening service.)  Not being anchored anywhere, we have                                enjoyed NOT rushing back on Sunday afternoon, and I admit it, we have                                  simply stayed home.

 Yet, my family time, my house and my spiritual life look no better for                       all this “free time”.  

So, I am starting today.  Attempting to redeem the time. (see Ephesians 5:16)  I start with a confession of wasting my days and asking God’s forgiveness.(I really should apologize to my husband- if you saw my house, you would understand)

I am starting the day with my cup of coffee and my Bible.                       Making a realistic to-do list, planning my day.  Putting the big rocks in the jar of my day first.

In the coming days I will post how I am doing, and some of the  resources I have found helpful.

How is your walk with the Lord today?


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